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The team and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as ‘Site’) respect your privacy and strives to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. In the interest of your safety, we developed the following Privacy Policy governing the use of this Site:

Acceptance of Privacy Policy:
By using the Site in any way you hereby accept, agree upon and acknowledge the binding character of the up to date Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time and for any reason deemed necessary by the Site without any notification to the users whatsoever. You are advised to periodically familiarize yourself with the updated version of the Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you are required to seize your use of the Site immediately.

Collection and Use of Personal Information:
Each time you use the Site, its products, services and any other Content made available on the Site by the agents of the Site, its affiliates, other users or any other third party, conduct any commercial, private or other activity using the Site, update your profile information, make any Content otherwise available on the Site, contact the Site or other users of the Site for any purposes, the personal information about you is collected by the Site. The collected personal information is stored by the Site and may include your contact details, name and surname, address, telephone and fax number, email address, purchase history, browsing history, credit card number, billing and shipping information, preferences and other private information about you and your online activity.
The collected and stored information may or may not be used by the Site in order to:

The abovementioned Activities, transmission of emails to you and other connected actions are the right you hereby grant the Site.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
In cases deemed advisable by the agents of the Site, we may disclose of your personal information under confidentiality or similar agreements to vendors, advertisers, shippers, payment processors and other third parties which would present reasonable reasons as to why they need to contact you. Those reasons include:

Disclosure in Special Circumstances
In special cases we may also disclose of your contact details and other information (also personal information) about you. Those special cases include:

Please note that the Site is used by third parties the Site has no power, control or jurisdiction over. You acknowledge that the Site is in no way responsible for the use of any information you make public on the Site by third parties.

Collection of Non-Personal Information Using Cookies
The server logs of the Site constantly automatically receives and stores non personal information through automatized analysis of the Site and its resources, as well as from your browser and browsing history. This non personal information includes but is not limited to your IP address, cookies information (as descripted below), your search history, requests and information about your computer and software, e.g. your operating system and the type of Internet browser you use. The information also includes your internet provider, your activity on the Site and the content accessed by you.

Cookie is a type of a text file which allows websites to acquire and store information about you and your computer system, from which the information originates. Cookie information is used by the Site to aggregate the information about the users on the basis of individual tracked usage of the Site. The Site does not use cookie files for any purposes connected with retrieving any additional data from your computer other than data originally sent in a cookie. However, the Site does not take any responsibility and has no control over the collection of cookies originating from this site by third parties and our advertisers and the further usage of said cookies.

Communication from the Site/Opt-Out
In event of any changes occurring in your personal information, you can update/correct/ review said information by emailing us at [email protected] You may also choose to delete all your personal information from the site. You can do so by sending appropriate information to the same email address. Remember that removing your personal information from our database may result in limitation or termination of your access to areas restricted to account members, as well as in you waiving your right to certain benefits and services the account members enjoy.

Notice of Privacy Rights of California Residents
California residents who have provided their information to the Site are entitled to receiving certain information about the extent and nature of the information disclosed by the Site to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To receive ‘California Customer Choice Privacy Notice’, you need to contact [email protected] and specifically make such a request. The response may take up to 30 (thirty) days. The Site is not required to answer more than one such request per customer each year. The Site is also not required to answer any requests not made by sending a message to abovementioned email address.

You may request that your personal information shall not be shared with any third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To do so send a request to [email protected]

Please indicate your name, address, email address and username when contacting us about the personal information you wish not to share. Be sure to specify which information you do not want shared with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. The Site does not impose any fees for restricting the sharing of your personal data nor for processing the request.

The Site and the Content of the Site is not intended for children under the age of 13. The Site does not target the children as an audience, orient the Content toward children nor knowingly collect personal data about the children. The Site does not screen the user’s data to ascertain that children do not access it. As some of the Content of the Site is for mature audience only, parents and guardians of children are required to monitor the children’s online activity and prevent them from using the Site.

Links to Other sites
Links to other websites not governed or controlled by the Site are provided on the Site. The links to other websites are provided on the Site for the convenience of its users, but the linked websites do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Site’s agents, as those websites are autonomous to the Site. The Site is exempt from any responsibility and liability for the information, products, services and other content made available on these linked sites. We cannot give any warranties concerning the proper, uninterrupted and free of errors functioning of both this Site and the sites linked therein. We also do not take any responsibility for defective functioning of these sites that may result in your computer being harmed. The Site does not vouch for the privacy policy of these sites, as they are governed independently from the Site.

E-Commerce and Our Secure Server
The security of the stored data is one of our top priorities. Unauthorized access and any similar foreseeable risks connected with stored personal information are limited with standard technical, physical and administrative safeguards applicable for such purposes. All of the commerce transactions taking place on the Site are governed and processed by our secure server thus guaranteeing making every reasonable effort to protect your personal information.

The Site, its Content and data storage tools are supported by software, hardware and networks, all of which may periodically require maintenance or be subject to breaches of security, bugs, glitches and any other problems beyond the Site’s control. Therefore the Site does not guarantee protection of any information and other Content available on the Site or sent therefrom.

If you decide to follow any links appearing on the Site, you will be redirected to other websites that we do not take any responsibility or liability form. We cannot vouch for privacy policies of those sites nor for any of the content presented thereon. Any transactions concluded via those sites are not controlled by the Site and therefore we disclaim any responsibility and liability for those transactions, their security and security of the information you decide to make available on those sites.

Policy Changes and Acceptance
The Privacy Policy is subject to changes, revisions, additions and modifications connected with expansion of the Site, change of focus or interest, law amendments and any other factors which may be of importance. You are advised to regularly check the Privacy Policy to keep yourself updated and acquainted with all, if any, changes herein. The date of the last update of the Privacy Policy is displayed below the main title of this page in the top left corner. By using this Site you each time agree to then-current Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Not being familiarized with the current, amended versions of those sections do not exempt you from any responsibility resulting from not complying with the rules stipulated therein.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy will take immediate effect following the posting of the updated version hereof. The amended version will apply to any and all information collected and stored on and after the date of the last revision. The only exclusions from that principle include provision of a notice by the Site or having any other agreements with you.

Need to know more?
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] stating the nature of your question, concern or request and naming the specific site or its section the message is concerning.